MSSP Software: Agnostic vs. Proprietary

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) use specialized software to monitor the environment of companies they provide services for. Security Information Event Management (SIEM) programs provide a platform for MSSPs to manage data. An MSSP might use a proprietary program they developed to manage security. MSSPs can also use products available to the public.


There are benefits and drawbacks for each approach, depending on what a customer needs. Here are a few situations that might pop up and a recommendation on which option is the best fit. 

You already use a SIEM and other systems.

If you already have data and processes set in a certain SIEM, switching will take time and energy. Working with a MSSP that does not require a certain technology stack is the best bet.

✔️ Software Agnostic MSSP

You have no existing security software.

If you are coming to an MSSP without any existing software, going with a turnkey vendor could be the best. The MSSP will be able to get you onboard with their offering.

✔️ Proprietary Software MSSP

You have commitment issues.

Choosing an MSSP partner is a long-term commitment. If you choose a partner that uses their own software, switching from that ecosystem is even more difficult.

✔️ Software Agnostic MSSP

You need to be up and running ASAP.

Getting started takes less time if you are working with a vendor who has their own SIEM. The turnkey solution that they offer has already been deployed to other clients.

✔️ Proprietary Software MSSP

You always want the latest and greatest.

Working with a vendor who provides the platform leaves you dependent on them for a large part of your cybersecurity tech stack. If you are prone to adopt new software rapidly, being bound by your MSSP's technology stack could slow you down.

✔️ Software Agnostic MSSP


Choosing an MSSP involves considering many factors. The technology stack offered by the company is an important one. Do research into the pros and cons for your organization.

6 Reasons to Adopt an MSSP

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